Balfron Tower

As concrete repair specialists we were given the responsibility of restoring Balfron Tower, in association with Telford Homes and using Flexcrete repair products. The attention to detail, making sure we were honouring Balfron’s original design, has been rigorous. Having followed the strict scrutiny of English Heritage we are confident our work will play a lasting contribution in maintaining Balfron Tower as one of Britain’s leading “Brutalist” grade II listed buildings. 

PJMear was selected for this project because of our reputation and ability to match aggregate repairs but to complete the full aesthetic restoration of Balfron Tower. Additional works were also required of us, our sympathetic cleaning processes to remove carbon staining has been very effective in uncovering the aggregate that lay beneath. New developments in products and applications since Balfron’s original construction in 1965-1967 enabled modern updates to Balfron without altering its appearance. Therefore fire-proofing, water-proofing and migrating corrosion inhibitors have all now been applied.  

Because of the historic restoration work undertaken by PJMear, Balfron Tower will continue to serve its original purpose. Balfron’s twenty-six storeys can now safely provide one-hundred and forty-six homes for happy Londoners for years to come.

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