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Millard Road (BSF project)

Millard Road - ongoing EWI project
Principal Contractor - Equans
Delivered services

Strip existing cladding | Isolating fire risks | Internal Knauf insulation | Fixing RCM Y-Wall board with a ‘ragrail’ system of external wall insulation

As external wall insulation specialists PJ Mear has been selected to rectify the unsafe works at Millard House and Marlowe House, alongside Equans UK , which began in the early part of 2022 and is ongoing.  These twin blocks are just off the river Thames in Deptford, London.  Millard House and Marlowe House boast river views to the east and park views to the west.  The properties are timber frame in their construction and in the devastating wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, thousands of Britain’s tower blocks have been marked for refurbishment.  PJ Mear is proud to play their role in correcting the errors of the construction industry’s past.  These blocks are now having the full safety package installed.  It is important to PJ Mear to ensure that on all projects we play a part in, we are putting into practise all legislative shifts post Grenfell.  This is especially important in this case as the main contractor in 2007 for this build was Rydon who also led the project for the now infamous Grenfell Tower.

Millard House - Before
Firestop example

For this project we have again partnered with Wetherby Building Systems, utilising their external wall insulation products.  It is PJ Mear’s remit to remove all cladding that has been deemed dangerous and ensure all items within cavities are firesafe and isolated.  We are stripping the cladding back to the studs, isolating fire risks on all plug sockets and duct vents, introducing internal Knauf insulation, fixing an RCM Y-wall board and building a ‘ragrail’ system of external wall insulation upon it.  Through these updated safety standards, we are ensuring any outbreak of fire will be isolated at its origin therefore stopping a spread and increasing the safety of residents. The nature of the retrofit industry is such that, many of the tasks are uncovered midway through a project. Millard Road has been no exception in that respect.  PJ Mear have worked hand in hand with Equans and other stakeholders to attain solutions to unexpected hurdles.  We fully expect this to be a part of our job and take on that challenge while being mindful of the programme. The completion of Millard House and Marlowe House will be another step towards eradicating the risk of any other residents experiencing a repeat of the horror of the Grenfell Tower disaster.  PJ Mear is committed to this goal and proud to be assisting in its achievement.